Sale Plastic Picnic Storage Basket

High quality new style picnic basket mould series

High quality new style picnic basket mould series

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Mould Feature

Easy to close and open
The final product has good sealing effect,we test the sealing and modify it is good enough.
Each cavity and core have independent cooling system,shortening production cycle time.
Auto closure in the mould is available if you need.
We can tailor various kinds of mould for each customer as per their requirements.





Product Details


2018 high quality new style picnic basket series2

 Mould material


 Mould base

 P20 steel

 Cavity NO


 Product material




 Mould life

 1millions~3millions shots

 Delivery time



Place of origin:Zhejiang,China(mainland)        

Brand name:ZhongSuo mould

Model number:basket mould

Shaping Mode:plastic injection mould

Mould material:S136

Mould base:P20 steel

Product material:pp

Product: basket mould

Mould cavity quantity:1

Runner type:hot/cold

Design software:UG CAD

Mould life:1million~3million shots

Spare parts:provided

Supply ability:300 sets per year

Packaging details:


Delivery time:35-50days

Shipment: ship train

Product Advantages Of Plastic Picnic Storage Basket

The Plastic Picnic Storage Basket has a number of product benefits that make it the ideal companion for picnics and outdoor activities. Here are some of the product benefits of plastic picnic storage baskets:

1. Lightweight and Portable: The plastic material makes the picnic storage basket relatively light, easy to carry, and convenient for you to use at any time during outdoor activities.

2. Durable And Durable: Plastic picnic storage baskets are generally durable enough to withstand use in outdoor environments and not easily cracked or damaged.

3. Moisture-proof and waterproof: The plastic material makes the picnic storage basket have a certain degree of moisture-proof and waterproof performance, which can be used on wet grass or on the beach to protect the contents inside from moisture damage.

4. Easy to clean: Plastic surfaces are usually easy to clean, you can easily wipe the basket with water to remove stains and dirt.

5. Storage space: Picnic storage baskets are usually designed with ample storage space, which can hold food, drinks, tableware, blankets and other items needed for a picnic.

6. Divided storage: Some plastic picnic storage baskets are designed with dividers or partitions to separate different types of food and items to avoid confusion.

7. Heat and cold insulation: Some plastic picnic storage baskets are designed with heat insulation or heat insulation function, which can keep food warm, or keep iced drinks cool.

8. Beautiful design: Plastic picnic storage baskets usually have an attractive appearance and a variety of color options, adding a stylish and fun look to outdoor activities.

9. Affordable: Plastic picnic storage baskets are usually more economical than other materials (such as bamboo baskets, metal baskets), suitable for consumers with limited budgets.

10. Multi-purpose use: In addition to picnics, plastic storage baskets can also be used for camping, outdoor parties, swimming, traveling and other outdoor activities.

The advantages of the Plastic Picnic Storage Basket are that it is light and portable, durable, moisture-proof and waterproof, easy to clean, ample storage space, separate storage, heat and cold insulation, etc., making it an ideal choice for outdoor activities. Whether it is a family picnic or a gathering of friends, the plastic picnic storage basket can bring you a convenient and enjoyable outdoor experience.

Large Capacity Picnic Basket With Handle Capacity And Load-Bearing Test

For a large capacity picnic basket with handle, its load-bearing performance mainly focuses on the following aspects:

1. Material Strength: The material of the picnic basket should have sufficient strength and durability to support the heavy items inside the basket. The strength and quality of common materials such as plastic, bamboo, metal, etc. directly affect the load-bearing capacity of the basket.

2. Structural design: The structural design of the picnic basket includes the connection method and support structure of the bottom, side, handle and other parts. A solid connection and a reasonable support design can improve the overall load-bearing capacity of the basket.

3. Handle carrying capacity: Since a picnic basket with a handle needs to be carried by the handle, the design and carrying capacity of the handle are also very important. The handle should be strong and able to bear the weight of the contents of the basket.

4. Connection part: The connection part of the picnic basket, especially the connection point between the handle and the main body of the basket, needs to be reinforced and designed to ensure that it will not break or be damaged when bearing heavy objects.

5. Use environment: The load-bearing performance is also affected by the use environment of the picnic basket. For example, if used on uneven ground, the basket needs more stability to withstand the pressure of the ground.

6. Uniform distribution: When placing heavy objects, try to achieve even weight distribution to avoid excessive pressure on a certain part of the basket, thereby increasing the overall stability and load-bearing capacity of the basket.

7. Quality Control: Quality control and inspection during the manufacturing process is essential to ensure consistent load-bearing performance of each basket.

For picnic baskets with handles with large capacity, the load-bearing performance focuses on material strength, structural design, handle load-bearing capacity, connection parts, use environment, uniform distribution and quality control, etc., to ensure that the basket can safely carry and carry heavy objects, Provide users with a convenient experience.

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