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Oval drain basket

Oval drain basket

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Oval drain basket

Mould material


Mould base

P20 steel

Cavity NO


Product material




Mould life

1millions~3millions shots

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Place of origin:Zhejiang,China(mainland)        

Brand name:Yubo mould

Model number:Folding drain basket

Shaping Mode:plastic injection mould

Mould material:S136

Mould base:P20 steel

Product material:PP+TPR

Product:Oval drain basket

Mould cavity quantity:1+1

Runner type:hot/cold

Design software:UG CAD

Mould life:1million~3million shots

Spare parts:provided

Supply ability:300 sets per year

Packaging details:


Delivery time:35-50days

Shipment: ship train


Oval Drain Basket's Shape Advantages And Regular Sizes

The Oval Drain Basket is a common tool in the kitchen, and its special oval shape brings some shape advantages. Here are the Oval Drain Basket's shape benefits and descriptions of the regular sizes:

Shape Advantage:

1. Larger storage space: Compared with traditional round or square baskets, the oval shape provides a larger storage space. This makes the Oval Drain Basket ideal for holding ingredients of many shapes and sizes, such as large fruits, vegetables or other food items.

2. Adapt to irregular spaces: The oval shape can better adapt to irregular sink or storage spaces, making it more flexible to place in various positions. This is especially useful in some special kitchen environments.

3. Slanted Drainage: Due to the elliptical shape of the edges and the bottom profile, the Oval Drain Basket can be placed at a slant for more efficient drainage. This is especially helpful during the draining of fruits and vegetables, preventing water retention.

4. Multifunctional use: The oval shape makes the Oval Drain Basket not only suitable for draining and draining, but also can be used for various purposes such as plate loading, food sorting, storage, etc. Its shape advantage increases its flexibility and practicality.

Regular Size:

Oval Drain Basket sizes will vary by manufacturer and design, but here are some common general size ranges:

- Length: about 25 cm (10 inches) to 40 cm (16 inches)

- Width: about 15 cm (6 inches) to 25 cm (10 inches)

- Depth: about 8 cm (3 inches) to 15 cm (6 inches)

These size ranges can be adjusted to specific products and kitchen needs. Typically, the Oval Drain Basket is large enough to accommodate different types of ingredients and to ensure adequate drainage and draining.

Plastic Oval Drain Basket Plastic Material And Safety Introduction

The Plastic Oval Drain Basket is a tool used in the kitchen, and its plastic material is usually food-safe plastic. The following is an introduction about the Plastic Oval Drain Basket plastic material and its safety:

Plastic Material:

Plastic Oval Drain Basket is usually made of food-grade plastic, such as polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE). These plastics are widely used in food contact applications due to their durability, light weight, chemical resistance and ease of cleaning. The plastic material also has a certain degree of elasticity, which makes the Plastic Oval Drain Basket anti-drop and durable, suitable for daily use.

Security introduction:

1. Food safety certification: In order to ensure that the plastic material of the Plastic Oval Drain Basket meets food safety standards, manufacturers usually choose certified food safety grade plastics. These plastic materials have been tested and certified by relevant agencies to prove that they can come into contact with food without causing harm to food safety.

2. Harmless ingredients: Food-safe plastics usually do not contain harmful chemicals such as BPA (Bisphenol A). BPA is a chemical substance that may have potential impacts on human health, and food-safe plastic materials generally exclude these potential health risks.

3. Thermal stability: Food-safe plastics usually have good thermal stability, that is, no harmful substances will be released during general food preparation and heating. This allows the Plastic Oval Drain Basket not to decompose or migrate when in contact with hot food or liquid.

4. Easy to clean: Plastic materials are generally easy to clean, and can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher. This helps ensure the hygiene of the Plastic Oval Drain Basket and prevents the growth of bacteria.

The plastic material of the Plastic Oval Drain Basket is generally food-safe certified, with features such as non-hazardous ingredients, heat stability, durability, and easy cleaning. The use of suitable plastic material can ensure that the Plastic Oval Drain Basket is safe and reliable when in contact with food, suitable for use in the kitchen. If you have concerns about the plastic material and safety of a specific product, it is recommended to check the product manual or communicate with the manufacturer for more information.

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