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Handle drain basket

Handle drain basket

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Handle drain basket

Mould material


Mould base

P20 steel

Cavity NO


Product material




Mould life

1millions~3millions shots

Delivery time



Place of origin:Zhejiang,China(mainland)        

Brand name:Yubo mould

Model number:Folding drain basket

Shaping Mode:plastic injection mould

Mould material:S136

Mould base:P20 steel

Product material:PP+TPR

Product:Handle drain basket

Mould cavity quantity:1+1

Runner type:hot/cold

Design software:UG CAD

Mould life:1million~3million shots

Spare parts:provided

Supply ability:300 sets per year

Packaging details:


Delivery time:35-50days

Shipment: ship train


The Mold Production Process Of Handle Drain Basket

The production process for the Handle Drain Basket involves several steps to create high-quality molds. Here's a breakdown of the steps:

1. Design Concept: The initial phase focuses on conceptualizing the Handle Drain Basket mold design. Engineers and designers collaborate to create a blueprint that encompasses the required features and specifications, including the integration of the distinctive handle design.

2. CAD Modeling: Using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software, a 3D model of the Handle Drain Basket mold is meticulously developed. The model incorporates the unique handle structure while ensuring compatibility with the basket's dimensions and drain functionality.

3. Material Selection: Appropriate materials for mold construction are chosen, considering factors such as durability, heat resistance, and mold life span. These materials are carefully selected to withstand the manufacturing process and repeated usage, consistent with the needs of the Handle Drain Basket.

4. Mold Fabrication: Skilled machinists and technicians employ precision tools and machinery to fabricate the mold components. The design's handle element is intricately integrated into the mold structure, ensuring a smooth and functional incorporation.

5. Assembly and Testing: The various components of the mold, including the handle mechanism, are meticulously assembled. A thorough testing process ensues to verify the proper functioning of the integrated handle and the drain basket mold as a whole.

6. Injection Molding: The Handle Drain Basket mold is inserted into an injection molding machine. Molten material, such as plastic or silicone, is injected into the mold cavity to form the drain basket body, with the handle detail being accurately replicated in each produced unit.

7. Cooling and Ejection: Once the material solidifies, the mold is cooled, and the Handle Drain Basket product is ejected from the mold. The integrated handle design is consistently reflected in the finished pieces.

8. Quality Control: Each Handle Drain Basket is subjected to stringent quality checks. Inspections include evaluating the handle's sturdiness, the overall product's structural integrity, and drain functionality. Defects or deviations are addressed to ensure the handle's seamless integration remains uncompromised.

9. Finishing Touches: If necessary, final touches such as trimming excess material or refining the handle's surface texture are performed to enhance the aesthetic appeal and ergonomic aspects.

10. Packaging and Distribution: The Handle Drain Basket units that pass quality control are packaged and prepared for distribution. The integrated handle's robust design ensures the product remains intact during transportation and handling.

Folding Plastic Handle Drain Basket Is A Kitchen Tool With A Foldable Function

The Folding Plastic Handle Drain Basket is a kitchen tool designed with a collapsible feature, allowing for easy storage. It is made from durable plastic and features a comfortable handle that remains cool even when handling hot liquids. The basket's perforated surface enables efficient draining while keeping solid contents contained.

This drain basket serves several functions:

1. Straining and Draining: Its primary purpose is to strain and drain liquids from foods such as pasta, vegetables, and canned goods. The perforated surface ensures effective drainage, preventing excess moisture buildup.

2. Rinsing and Washing: The basket is useful for rinsing and washing fruits, vegetables, and other produce. The perforations aid in thorough cleaning while allowing water to drain away.

3. Serving and Transferring: It can be used as a serving container for presenting dishes like salads or snacks. The folding handle makes it easy to transfer contents from the sink to a bowl or serving dish.

4. Storage and Organization: The collapsible design allows the drain basket to be folded flat for convenient storage in drawers, cabinets, or pantries, contributing to efficient kitchen organization.

5. Multi-Purpose Use: In addition to kitchen tasks, the drain basket can have various household applications, such as holding utensils, storing small items, or functioning as a makeshift colander.

The Folding Plastic Handle Drain Basket is a versatile and practical kitchen tool that simplifies tasks like straining, draining, rinsing, and serving a variety of foods. Its design features, including the collapsible nature, plastic material, handle, and perforated surface, make it a valuable addition to any kitchen for efficient food preparation and cleanup.

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