Supply Snacks Documents Storage Basket

High quality new style storage basket mould series

High quality new style storage basket mould series

Taizhou Yubo Mould Industry Co., Ltd.

Mould Feature

Easy to close and open
The final product has good sealing effect,we test the sealing and modify it is good enough.
Each cavity and core have independent cooling system,shortening production cycle time.
Auto closure in the mould is available if you need.
We can tailor various kinds of mould for each customer as per their requirements.





Product Details


High quality new style storage basket series1

Mould material


Mould base

P20 steel

Cavity NO


Product material




Mould life

1millions~3millions shots

Delivery time



Place of origin:Zhejiang,China(mainland)        

Brand name:Yubo mould

Model number:basket mould

Shaping Mode:plastic injection mould

Mould material:S136

Mould base:P20 steel

Product material:PP+TPR

Product:flip basket mould

Mould cavity quantity:1+1

Runner type:hot/cold

Design software:UG CAD

Mould life:1million~3million shots

Spare parts:provided

Supply ability:300 sets per year

Packaging details:


Delivery time:35-50days

Shipment: ship train


Presumably Many People Have Snacks Documents Storage Basket In Their Homes, Right?

Many people use the Snacks Documents Storage Basket at home to store items like snacks and documents. The versatility of this storage basket makes it very popular in both home and office settings. Here are some possible reasons why many people choose to have this type of storage basket in their home:

1. Organize space: Snacks Documents Storage Basket can help people organize and store different types of items in one place, helping to keep the home or office space clean and orderly.

2. Multipurpose: This storage basket can be used not only to store food such as snacks, candy, snacks, but also to store office supplies such as documents, notebooks, folders, etc.

3. Convenient access: Put snacks and documents in the same basket, which is convenient for quick access when needed, improving the convenience of use.

4. Reduce clutter: Putting snacks and documents together can reduce clutter and make the desktop or space look tidy.

5. Space-saving: This storage basket can stack items vertically, which saves space and makes the space more spacious.

6. Reminder function: Keep snacks and files together, it may remind you to take a break while working or studying and enjoy some snacks.

7. Environmentally friendly materials: Some storage baskets may be made of environmentally friendly materials, which help reduce our environmental impact.

8. Personalized decoration: Some Snacks Documents Storage Baskets have stylish designs and a variety of color options, which can add a personality and decoration to the home or office space.

The Snacks Documents Storage Basket brings many benefits in terms of organizing space, multipurpose use, easy access, less clutter, and space saving, making it a practical storage choice in many people's homes. Whether it's for storing food or documents, it can improve the organization and practicality of a space.

Household Plastic Storage Organizer Has Multi-Functional Storage Features

Household Plastic Storage Organizer is a multifunctional storage product, it has the following storage features:

1. Multipurpose Storage: The home plastic storage organizer is suitable for storing a variety of different types of items, including clothing, shoes, toys, books, stationery, kitchen utensils, cosmetics and more.

2. Separation and classification: Storage organizers are usually designed with partitions, partitions or storage compartments of different sizes, which can store items of different types and sizes separately, which is helpful for sorting and organizing.

3. Space-saving: By stacking vertically, stacking or hanging, the home plastic storage organizer can maximize the use of space, making the space neater and more organized.

4. Quick organization: When you need to organize your home, you can quickly put items into the storage organizer, so that the home environment can be quickly restored to order.

5. Easy access: After items are stored in the storage organizer, you can find what you need more easily, improving the accessibility and usability of items.

6. Easy to move: Plastic home storage organizers are usually light and easy to carry, you can move them from one place to another for arrangement and organization as you need.

7. Eco-friendly material: Some home plastic storage organizers may be made of eco-friendly plastic material, which helps reduce the impact on the environment.

8. Beautify the space: Some storage organizers have a stylish design and a variety of color options, which can add a decorative effect to the home.

9. Multi-scenario use: The home plastic storage organizer is not only suitable for home use, but also can be used in multiple scenes such as office, car, baby room, etc., to help you organize your items better.

Household plastic storage organizers have multi-functional storage features, which can help you organize and manage items effectively, improve the organization and practicality of the space, and make life more convenient, comfortable and orderly. Whether used for storage or organization, it can make a positive difference to your home environment.

Why Taizhou?

Excellent High quality new style storage basket mould series Manufacturers


We have a strong R&D team that can develop and produce products based on drawings or samples provided by our customers;


The team is experienced and the core team members have more than 10 years of professional work experience.


We have a perfect after-sales service system, which is completed by professional sales personnel and engineers.